Is Paresh Baruah Hiding In China?

37While, the government seems to be at its wits end about the whereabouts of ULFA military commander in chief Paresh Barua, highly places sources in the National Investigation Agency have said that he is hiding in China. The sources have claimed that China has provided shelter to the most wanted military commander of the ULFA.

The revelation comes after the arrest of the chief United National Liberation Front, RK Sanayaima alias Meghen. He is reported to have told the NIA that he had met the elusive ULFA leader during the Shanghai World Expo last year. The expo was organised between May and October last year. The two militant leaders are supposed to have discussed the state of insurgency in the northeast and their strategy in fighting the government. Surprisingly, the Indian intelligence agencies could not have a wind of it.

The UNLF chief also told his interrogators that Paresh Baruah is enjoying hospitality of China. Sources said that Baruah is living in Yunnan province of China bordering Myanmar. He is also reported to be frequently visiting Myanmar’s Kachin areas very close to India’s border in the northeast. The revelation has come at a time when the Indian government and the ULFA are preparing to engage in peace talks after most of the top ULFA leaders were arrested by the security agencies either in India or were handed over to India by Bangladesh. Baruah’s presence in neihbouring China or Myanmar may affect the peace talks adversely.

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